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Frequently Asked Questions about our Translation Services

What services do you offer?

We can provide transcription services in any language, so for example if you want a French audio file transcribed into French, we can do it. We also provide translation services in any language, so if you want a Russian audio file transcribed into English, we do this as well. We also provide translation and transcription services, so if you want a Spanish audio file translated into German and then transcribed, we can help.

What prices do you charge?

Prices for foreign language (ie non-English) transcription start from £1.05 per minute. Our prices for translation start at £4.75 per minute, but this varies according to the language. Prices for translation by the word start at 9p. Contact us to request a bespoke quotation

What quality standards do you work to?

We are currently working towards ISO9001 and ISO27001. Our translators are all native speakers of whichever language the recording is in. We strive for perfection and always put our customers first. This is very much a bespoke service.

What do i need to place an order?

A copy of your audio file for upload. We will give you a secure SSL link to send us your files. We can offer you EU GDPR compliant servers for uploading to. The servers are based in the UK, which means your file never leaves the country at any time.

What time returns are available?

With translation work the time frame is very often immaterial. However we offer set time frames for work as required. Prices vary according to the urgency of particular files.

What is your data protection policy?

Click here for details :

What languages can you translate?

You name it – we do it. For a full list please click here:

Which universities do you work with?

We are rapidly working towards being able to claim that we have worked for every university in the UK as well as many more around the world. For list of recent orders please click here: